First Day of Class

I am starting my first day of my metal casting class tomorrow. It is a 3 credit, 3 week class that goes from 2pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday. I’ve been looking forward to this since I registered for it in February! It is being taught by my favorite professor in the Art Department at the University of Maryland, Steven Jones. He is the most sarcastic, and brutally honest professor I have yet to meet. He’s this way only because he wants his students to sucede. He wants each and everyone of us to come out of his class having learned something and having grown a bit more as an artist. The last class I took from him, 3d design, was one of the hardest classes I have taken thus far in my major–but also my favorite.

Tomorrow is a work day and he is supplying the materials. Should be an interesting day! I’m ready for this challenge.


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