Painting Sketch

Hello everyone,

So far I have gotten the farthest in my painting class over the other 2 art classes I’m taking. Our first project consists of using only Black and White paint with the available use of the grey scale. The subject matter are shoes or feet for this project. We needed two sketches by Tuesday and I had decided to paint ballerina feet in point shoes.  Image

The actual dimensions of the sketch are 3×4 inches. Now as my professor describes a sketch, this is an incomplete idea. In no way will this be the final image when I blow it up on a 18×24″ canvas. But at least the basic idea is down. I at least want the foot and shoe in a more impressionistic style of paint, but I have no idea how I want to treat the background yet. Maybe after the critique on Tuesday I will have a better idea of what I want to do with that part of the painting. This will be the smallest project we will have. With each consecutive project, the canvas size (and sketch proportions) will get bigger and bigger.

Thursday I hope to post more of what’s going on in this class as well as our project in Digital Media. For my photography class we won’t be getting into the darkroom for another 2 weeks, so I probably won’t be posting much about that class for a while.


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