Hey, it’s been a while

Hey guys.. its been a while… A little bit over a month a while… Sorry about that. This semester has started out super fast paced and I’m finally getting a second to catch my breath as I sit in the printmaking studio during open studIo hours.

In this post I want to give a brief overview of what’s happened and what will happen this semester in terms of my art classes. Since I’m in the printmaking studio let’s start there.

Alright so we started out printmaking by going over the studio, where things are, what things do, etc. we also started right on the second day learning how to print from a screen that already had a stencil burned into the screen. I’ll go more in depth about that process later. This stencil was a set on circles that were concentric around each other. However, it was slightly maze like, which pieces cut out of the circles. The reason our professor decided to use this stencil is because he wanted to teach us precision. We had to make ten prints in one color, let it dry, and then take those same 10 prints and print over them with another color. He didn’t want to see the first color at all in the second run prints. It look a lot of time to make this perfect, and I’ll explain how we did that in yet another post.  We also finished our second project. We had to hand draw (ugh) anything of our choice to fit on 9x12in bristol board. It was a one color run, which means that the print only consisted of one color, instead of multiple layers of color. We had to print 10 of these designs as well, but we will be graded on only our best 5.


In drawing, we have been working through the ages of modern techniques. We started with impression and expressionism, using india ink, and pastels to draw a still life of a vacuum cleaner. Then we moved on to fauvism, which is a style that consists of childlike gestures, with lots of unnatural colors. Currently we are working on cubist style of draw, which has been my favorite section thus far.


In photography, I have been working on the project I posted on a while ago. I have one couple that I am focusing all my time on. So far I have shot 6 rolls of film, and have printed many, many photos. So far I have shot 1 practice, 1 lesson, 1 competition prep, and 1 competition. I have truly enjoyed this project, and would like to continue exploring this project even more possibly once I’m out of school.



I hope you enjoyed some of my art that I have done so far this semester, as well as the post. I will try to be better about posting. Please feel free to check out my website, follow me on twitter @anapolousphoto, and give a like on my facebook page.


Painting Sketch

Hello everyone,

So far I have gotten the farthest in my painting class over the other 2 art classes I’m taking. Our first project consists of using only Black and White paint with the available use of the grey scale. The subject matter are shoes or feet for this project. We needed two sketches by Tuesday and I had decided to paint ballerina feet in point shoes.  Image

The actual dimensions of the sketch are 3×4 inches. Now as my professor describes a sketch, this is an incomplete idea. In no way will this be the final image when I blow it up on a 18×24″ canvas. But at least the basic idea is down. I at least want the foot and shoe in a more impressionistic style of paint, but I have no idea how I want to treat the background yet. Maybe after the critique on Tuesday I will have a better idea of what I want to do with that part of the painting. This will be the smallest project we will have. With each consecutive project, the canvas size (and sketch proportions) will get bigger and bigger.

Thursday I hope to post more of what’s going on in this class as well as our project in Digital Media. For my photography class we won’t be getting into the darkroom for another 2 weeks, so I probably won’t be posting much about that class for a while.